Hondenschool Loebas


Basic Obedience training for young dogs (8 x 1 hour group class in English)
8 group training sessions of 1 hour for dogs from ± 20 weeks and older

- positive reinforcement training

- loose leash walking

- life skills

- calm settle

- basic commands such as sit, look, down, go t0 bed wait, drop it

- handling (grooming, vet, etc.)

- life rewards & how to play tug of war

- handling distractions

- getting and keeping focus

- basic agility / parcours training

This training is for participants who have completed puppy training at our dog school OR after attending a mandatory 45-minute introductory session (private training). The fee for the introductory session is €65. Contact us to schedule an introductory session.

Locatie/location: Hondenschool Loebas | Sportpark Kadoelen 4 | 1035 NB Amsterdam | 06-41886705
  Bedrag p/s € 253,00
Totaal in BTW € 253,00



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